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The Erzsébet Grand Hotel has been playing an important role in the history of Paks since its existence. To its inhabitants it was always a spiritual symbol. Now its fate is the most important goal in the life of our town.
It could remain as the symbol of the town throughout the centuries during its gate was open in front of settlers of other nations and civilizations.
Until 1663, attaching to the name of Ottendorf, its one of the the most important local colour is the layer. In 1703, Katalin, the daughter of the Daróczy Family, married to the transilvanian noble, György Száraz, who according to his estate gathering policy, got a hold of Paks and its more prediums. After his sudden death in Wien, Julianna and Julianna’s husband, József Rudnyánszky Dezseri built the Restaurant Gold-Boat on inheritable estate in 1739.
After Julianna’s death the building was burned down several times and the swelling of the creek Hidegvölgy also effected damages on it. In 1840, with the held back rights of Gerjen, Fadd and Paks, the public proprietary rebuilt the building in a classicist style. In 1842, Zsigmond Daróczy, parish priest, came up with an idea to let it out again. After these events, the building as Grand Restaurant performs in our further history.
Lajos Bálint, shoemaker, was the first owner of the hotel. He was given 9 children, which is interesting because he named the hotel after his fift child Erzsébet. It was kind of a present for her because of her birthday and her good grades she had reached in school. Besides this, Erzsébet was the first chil who was born in the period of the new family business.
The continuous growing of the profitable interprise helped him to become one of the biggest tax-payer in the town of Paks. The ice-factory and the the Erzsébet Motion (the first cinema), which was permited in 1902, made the name Balint well-known around the country-side.
After Lajos Bálints’ death, the family moved to Budapest.
Then the hotel was rented for several years. The following names had appeard on the list of renters: Dénes Wéber (sertificated chemist), József Strényer (ex head-waiter of the Emke coffee shop Budapest), József Demus and Győző Somogyi.
In the list of owners, he was followed by his son-in-law, Gáspár Baumann in 1945. He owned the building until the recularization in 1951.
From 1952, as Hotel Béke, its fate began to drop. Although a few shops were still runing in it, from 1962 came up the idea of demolation nor restoration.
The Danube Hospitality Company  helped by forming the ground floor with establishing a coffee-bar, a restaurant and a wine cellar. The Picture Gallery of Paks was founded by Károly Halász in 1991. Until 2005, the Picture Gallery was temporary placed in the building of the former Erzsébet Hostel, as well as the Tourinform Office, the pensioners’ club of the town and the children-boarding.

In November 2005, one year after the final preparations, the Erzsébet Grand Hotel**** has been sold. The eventual owner is the Nuclear Power Plant of Paks. The hotel has its original splendor again, and became the centre of the road-system and the attention.

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