About us

The three-building conference and wellness hotel is located in the heart of the city, close to the charming promenade along the river Danube.

The Erzsébet Nagy Szálloda **** has been operating in its current form since December 2010 – however, the building can be considered as a historical symbol of the city of Paks.

Our Hotel has 23 rooms and due to its classicist character has spacious spaces that are interwoven with a calm historical atmosphere.

Our history

From the beginning the Hotel has been operating as a guest house under the name „Aranyhajó”, „Nagyvendéglő”, and then Béke Szálló since the 1700s. The current name of the Hotel is Erzsébet Szálló, was named after its owner’s (Lajos Bálint) daughter Erzsébet, in the early 1900s.

Until the nationalization after World War II, the house, were owned and rented by various families, functioned as a guest house and a place for the community life of the city. After 1952 – like so many domestic building’s fate is sealed, the then Béke Szálló like sheduled monument starts rot. Eventually, dismissing the idea of demolition, restoration of the building began in the late 1960s.

The settlement teamed up and thank to this cooperation created on the groundfloor with help „Dunamenti Vendéglátóipari Company” a caféhouse, restaurant and wine bar.

The gallery of Paks which was founded by Károly Halász –temporarely was placed in Erzsébet Hotel from its opening in 1991 until 2005, also regional Tourinform agency, the pensioner club and children catering has been placed here.

On 1st of november 2005 after 1 year preparation found a finally owner the Erzsébet Grand Hotel****. Now owned by Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt and operated by ATOMIX Kft opened the door on december in 2010.

Our classicist mansions and superior rooms get the name from some families who played main role in the hotels history (Bálint, Baumann, Daróczy, Paksy).

Trust us

Our hotel team is working 24 hours a day since 10 years, just for your satisfaction.

We know that in business you need a place where you can negotiate, you can chat freely, unwind comfortably and relax well. We know how to be kind to our guests when they visit us with their partner or family and how to organize interesting programs in the area. We know how is the relax working.

Trust in our professionalism in every situation and let us provide you permanent experiences while you are our guest.